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For Entrepreneurs

We offer workspace, trainings, collaboration with great coaches, connection to our pool of local and foreign investors, and funding from our partner organizations.

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For Investors

We offer you not only early access to potential success stories but we also facilitate co-investment. We run special programs in partnership with investors to build a pipeline of investable deals in your area of interest.

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For Corporations

Our Innovation Partner Program allows large organizations to share problem statements and get input, ideas and products from our community of innovators.

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For Donors

We jointly run programs with donors and also connect you to potential disruptors. Our focus on innovation creates new opportunities for donors to scale up their impact.

NIC Karachi invites inventors,innovators and entrepreneurs!
From incubation to acceleration, from startup trainings to funding, from founder excellence to global opportunities – at NIC Karachi, we deploy our resources and network to make your startup a great success. Take part in our Weekend Events, register for our Weekday Workshops, apply for our Accelerator Program – or just drop in for a cup of tea at our community café. We're a pro-innovation knowledge hub and we're very excited about getting to know you.

Areas of Focus
Pakistan's Challenges: We work with innovative startups to disrupt poverty by focusing on Pakistan's core challenges: energy, housing, education, health, logistics, water and food.

Global Opportunities: Pakistan's annual exports are roughly $25 billion. We want to work with inventors and entrepreneurs in Robotics, AI, 3d Printing, Agritech, Biotech and Fintech to scale up and 10x Pakistan's contribution to the world.

Who are we
Housed in NED University, the oldest engineering institute in South Asia, with over 450 faculty members, a student population of over 12,000 and spread on a 100 acre campus – NIC sits on a goldmine of innovation and excellence. Our facility can house 40 startups at a given time and the total capacity is 200 individuals. The NIC complex is over 20,000 sq ft in two buildings including innovation labs, maker space and training venues.
Our Partners
NIC Karachi is funded by Ignite Technology Funded, Ministry of IT & Telecom, Government of Pakistan. The project is executed by LMKT and is built on a 20,000 sq ft space in NED University. Our core partners are HBL, PTCL and PPAF.