Our Local & Global Impact

NIC Karachi is unlocking the potential of the region by facilitating technology startups that are disruptive. Learn how our Agri-tech, Edtech, Health-tech as well as startups along various verticals are creating both local and global impact.

Who Can Benefit From NIC Karachi?

Entrepreneurs, industry experts, technology enthusiasts, thoughts leaders are all welcome to join NIC Karachi and magnify the impact. Learn more about how you can contribute to and also benefit from the tech ecosystem of Pakistan through us.

At a Glance

At its core, the National Incubation Center Karachi is focused on accelerating disruptive business ideas, particularly the ones focused on technology. We handpick exceptional individuals with truly visionary aspirations and provide them with full support in achieving their goals and building up lucrative businesses. Our ultimate aim is to help people establish strong markets, with the potential of impacting the economy significantly.

The Need for Progress

Modern technology has unlocked the many doors of progress and new ways of wealth creation. The fields of artificial intelligence, robotics, genetics, astronomy and astrophysics, etc. are playing crucial roles in the development of our civilization. Sadly, Pakistan, despite having a surplus of talented individuals, currently lags behind in many fields of technology due to an improper eco-sphere and insufficient funding.

The Core Team

Shahjahan Chaudhary

Shahjahan Chaudhary is a tech entrepreneur and the current Director of National Incubation Center Karachi, a public-private partnership funded by Ignite and managed by a consortium of LMKT, HBL, PTCL, PPAF and NED University. He has previously been on the board of P@SHA (Pakistan Software Houses Association) and PeachNiche (T2F). A serial entrepreneur himself, Shahjahan is deeply interested in the interaction of technology, policy, and entrepreneurship to lift up the bottom 100 million of Pakistan.